With full recreational legalization here in Marin County, it is important for us, as a retailer, to make sure we do our part to educate you so your experience is always pleasant and predictable. Knowing the differences in consumption methods such as onset, proper dosing methods for beginners, and duration of the effects, is paramount to maximize your experience.

Cannabis has many different forms and ways of ingesting. Each has its own different pros and cons. In layman’s terms, when you eat cannabis and it is processed by the liver instead of the lungs, the effects are more pronounced; and we must be mindful and dose properly. Learning the cannabis delivery methods will help you know which type of product to use to best treat your specific medical condition or maximize your fun.

The last thing anyone wants is to feel uncomfortable, especially if it is their first time in awhile, or ever. With that said, here is the skinny on the 6 main cannabis consumption methods.


Pros: Quickest, almost immediate onset.

Cons: Possible throat and lung irritation, coughing. Smell of smoke.

Dose: Roughly 2.5mg with a two second drag of smoke. Onset: 1–15 minutes.

Duration: 90 minutes to 4 hours.



Pros: Fast dosing, less lung and throat irritation, allow targeted temperatures for specific terpenes and cannabinoids, more flavor, more discrete, less smoke and less smell.

Cons: More expensive, extraction process can degrade certain terpenes, concentrated, not full plant profile.

Dose: Roughly 2.5mg with a two second drag of pen.

Onset: 1 minute to 15 minutes.

Duration: 90 minutes to 4 hours.


Pros: Delicious! Longer lasting effect, doesn’t involve smoking.

Cons: Not as quick to feel effects, can eat too much and feel too high.

Dose: 2.5 mg “pediatric dose” to start. Start low go slow.

Onset: 30 mins — 2 hours.

Duration: 4 – 8 hours.


Pros: Quick onset, easy to dose, cost effective, can add to anything.

Cons: If it is alcohol based it could burn or irritate under your tongue, easily stains.

Dose: 2.5 mg- 10 mg (a full dropper is usually 10 mg, but check the bottle). Start low go slow.

Onset:15 – 45 minutes.

Duration: 1 hr — 6 hours

Transdermal Patches

Pros: A constant stream of cannabinoids throughout the day. Can be cut into pieces for smaller doses

Cons: Expensive, affected by body fat so sometime difficult to dose

Dose: Read label.

Onset:15–45 mins.

Duration: 24–48 hours.


Pros: Great for local pain relief, help many skin ailments, does not get you high, usually does not get into the bloodstream, certain creams work for burns.

Cons: Doesn’t get you high. Keep certain oils like peppermint away from eyes & sensitive areas. Doesn’t last as long or work as deep.

Dose: Apply what you want where you want.

Onset: 2–10 minutes.

Duration: 1–4 hours.

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