Cyber Monday Full Moon Sale!

- Spend $50+: Receive 10% off

- Spend $150+: Receive 15% off

- Spend $250+: Receive 20% off

- Write 'FULLMOON' in the notes section!

- Discounts are not stackable and are taken from the SUBTOTAL.

- Discount applied by Moonflower after order is placed.

- Delivery times may be longer than usual.


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Moonflower Delivery


For health, for wellness, for the soul.

15% off your first order! (Code: FIRSTTIME)

All prices include cannabis excise tax.

Last call for delivery is 30 minutes prior to closing.

Check deliver areas and delivery fees here.
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*All menu prices include excise taxes*

– Customers must request daily deal by leaving a note in the “Notes Section” of the order. Discounts will then be applied by Moonflower once order is placed. (EX: FIRE FRIDAY)
– Customers must ask for the daily deal when placing their orders via phone or text.
*All deals, discounts, and order minimums are based on the sub total of the order. 

*Discounts are not stackable, and will be applied by Moonflower after your order is received.

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